Always Working to Serve You Better!

Hey, what's the new ON THE GO! program all about?

The Equity Cap south office, located in Millville, Delaware, is now an On-the-GO! office-ette. Because of our new On-the-GO! program we have downsized the Millville office to an office-ette located in the same business complex - just steps away from the old office. Ginny and Mike are now working On-the-GO!  so they will only stop in the office-ette on occasion. The best way to reach them is by phone or email as they will not hold regular business hours in the office-ette.

With On-the-GO! Ginny and Mike are equipped with the latest technology to be able to check in from where ever they are working. This means they can do “super-charged” property inspections and have all the resources they need, on hand, to get things done more efficiently for you! If you need to contact them, please use the same business phone number and email address as you have always used.

Please continue to send all of your HOA Payments to: Equity Cap PM, P.O. Box 310, Nassau, DE 19969. Nothing has changed other than Ginny and Mike are now  On-the-GO!  providing you with super-charged, client-focused, property management services! 

At Equity Cap, we believe a desk is just a momentary stopping place and that an On-the-GO! property manager is out there, in your community, taking care of business.

Questions You May Have About On-the-GO!

When does the On-the-GO! begin and why did Equity Cap start this program?

The program begins October 1, 2018. 

We started this program to help streamline our Millville office. As things progressed we realized On-the-GO! was a great way to serve you even better. It cuts out a lot of down time so our property managers can work on taking care of any issues or concerns faster - which in turn creates a better community for you.

Will my Property Manager be in the community more?

Each community has a set number of property manager Inspections preteremined in their agreement with Equity Cap. Although the amount of visits may not increase, the quality of these visits will definitely increase. Your property manger is equipped with the latest in technology so they can facilitate solutions to community issues even faster.

Can I stop and talk to my Property Manager if I see them in the community?

Our property managers love talking with community residents. Please remember though, that when your property manager is in your community, they may be there to meet with a contractor and will not be able to chat as long as they would like. If you have an issue or concern, it's always best to contact your property manager by phone or email, this way they can serve you better. But, we love a hello and always appreciate a warm smile.

Can I just stop by the Millville office-ette anytime?

No. The Millville office-ette will be used as a stopping off point for Ginny and Mike. If you need to see them, please contact Ginny or Mike ahead of time so they can set up a time to meet with you personally. This way they can devote time to you specifically without any interruptions. 

Does this effect where I send my HOA payments?

Not at all. Please continue to send your payments to Equity Cap PM, PO Box 310, Nassau, DE 19969.

Are all Equity Cap PM's part of On-the-GO! or is it just the Millville office?

All of our property mangers are part of the On-the-GO! program. Your community's needs are our top priority. We believe a desk is just a momentary stopping place and that an On-the-GO! property manager is out there, in your community, taking care of business.